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Arrival and Survival










Friendly Hostel!

After saying farewell to my loved ones and to my life in the United States, it was on. I flew to Miami: Easy! I had a five hour layover:Arduous. The sushi took the edge off and the sprees primed me for the eight and a half hour flight to Santiago. Long story short, some surfing movie with Gerard Butler and breakfast which was heavenly. I never knew a croissant and some yogurt could be such a feast. Thoughts of losing my bag and the adrenaline rush of adjusting to Spanish immersion all looming. Miracles do happen, my bag and it’s contents were amazingly intact and the taxi ride over took me straight to the hostel. This was followed by a fancy breakfast of bread and apple butter and an amazing nap. Post nap I made friends under the worst of circumstances. Another member of the volunteer team had lost her passport in transit and this was followed by a joint venture to the Carabineros (Police) in order to report what had happened. It was the perfect test for my evolving Spanish as we worked to recount her experiences. After we reported the issue, we ended up wandering around Santiago in a crowd of people and pigeons. This was followed by an appreciated but strange dinner of a mysterious green loaf, mashed potatoes, and jell-o. Now I am here in the common area amidst Germans, Argentines, Canadians, and a Japanese guy! Long story short, I made it.


To be continued…






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